Move Your iTunes Library to the Cloud – Move Your Music to Google Play Today!

If you’re still using iTunes to manage your music library it’s time to move your music to Google Play. Google allows you to have 20,000 song in the cloud. Their uploader has a scan and match feature which will likely allow you to upload the bulk of your music very quickly. If they do match a song in your library, they will populate your Google Play account with a 320kbps music file even if your library file is at a lower bit rate. You don’t need a proprietary program like iTunes to access your music. When you reload of buy a new computer, you no longer need to backup your “iTunes” directory. The last and most important feature is that you can be rid of iTunes all together and uninstall the program and all of it’s little hooks such as Bonjour. Get started on moving your music to the cloud today! The program I used to scan in my music CDs is called CDex, it works well and it’s free. It’s time to move your iTunes Library to the cloud! Please leave questions and comments below.

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